"As they walked into the visiting room, their heads were hanging low, hair unkempt, no makeup, dark eyes with no light in them, and they barely spoke.   This is what I saw as I stood there in the local prison waiting to encourage these women, who have been battered, abused, abandoned and told that they were no longer fit for society.   These women are mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and friends."


Robyn is a college graduate with a degree in Nursing. She developed an addiction to painkillers after several surgeries. Her addiction escalated to methamphetamine's. She found herself in and out of jail, which led to prison. While in a prison cell she looked on the wall and there was written the scripture,


"I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).


That evening she attended our service and there she gave her life to Christ. She was released four months later. That was four years ago. She has been reunited with her family, had her voting rights reinstated, completed her parole with no incidents, is a faithful member of Honey Rock Victorious Church, and is a volunteer with Free Indeed International Ministries!

"Who the Son sets FREE is FREE INDEED!" 

Shanika dreamed of one day riding a horse. She spent over 20 years in addiction. Six months after her release Free Indeed was able to

help her make that dream come true!

The testimonies above are the women who have come forth with new life as a result of the programs instituted at Free Indeed. We have witnessed many women, who have had multiple incarcerations, come out of prison, finish Free Indeed's curriculum, and go on to live a life of freedom from substance abuse, mental disorders, and the past! These women have procured employment and many have seen their voting rights and driver's licenses reinstated. These women are no longer looking downward, but are looking forward to a bright future. They  have been reunited with their families and are giving back to their communities. Praise the Lord!


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